There are some meaning…

i Wanna share my design, i hope you like, and appreciate this design.

1. What You see is not always true

sometime it’s always happen in our life. sometime people always judge something from whaat they see, it’s not wrong, but sometime it’s not true. there some people hide what they feel. they looks like happy, but inside they mind, they feel sad.. etc.. we cannot guess about someone feelings..

2. a Crazy golf boy

not much meaning for this design, sometime we have to do some crazy action, to get something or to proof something. it’s beyond us. but sometime it’ can be real, if we try with our best…

 3. Life is Begins from Dreams

yes.. our life ,our wish is come from our dream. dont stop dreaming, you can get what you want,but besides that you must effort, and always try to get whata you want. positive..


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