Royal Ego – say something

Guitar : Ernest (gitaris Cokelat)
Drum : Eno (drummer Netral)
Bass : Gilbert (bassist Saint Loco)
vocal : Hendra Bagya (vokalis New Market)


Say Something

Say something about the birds and the bees
The flowers
The trees
Our dreams that have wings
How smittened we are cause love stings

The binds that blossom and grow tall
O it feels so awesome

Say something

Say something about you and I
A match made on earth
The familiar joy and all the mirth
The smile so blissful like the gift of birth
A tale
A story
A myth

That says something about you
And something about me
How we started from the day
When you held my hand in yours
You looked me in the eyes so deep
Then you said,”I’m in love with you”

I didn’t say a word then
I thought I was dead and
I heard your voice again
So close to my ears whispering,”Say something..”


Mari Berkomentar :)

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